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Adrenaline Mob is a Heavy Metal supergroup formed in early 2011 by singer Russell Allen, guitarist Mike Orlando and drummer Mike Portnoy. The band’s current lineup consists of Allen, Orlando, and drummer Jordan Cannata.

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Our Members

Russell Allen

Russell “The Don” Allen fronts this musical mafia known to many as Adrenaline Mob! He brings to the band everything from a thundering roar to the most angelic of vocal passages. As heard throughtout the bands debut album Omerta, he roars on tracks like Undaunted & soars beautifully on songs like All On The Line. Russell also shined on the bands covers release Coverta nailing to the wall incredible versions of various Dio classics, Heart’s Barracuda & Badlands Highwire to name a few. Russell takes it to a whole new level on the bands upcoming new album Men Of Honor. The singers approach entales everything from his classic mighty roar & over the top power & range to some of the most beautifully sung ballads in the bands catalog to date.

Russell is also the lead singer for Prog-Metal band Symphony X. Founded in 1994, Symphony X received considerable attention  within the progressive metal community. They’ve released many albums and toured all over the world. They also achieved  more commercial success with the 2007 album Paradise Lost.

Their latest release, Iconoclast debuted at number 76 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States, selling more than  7,300 copies in its first week. The record also debuted at number 7 on the Top Hard Rock Chart, number 19 on the Top Rock  Chart and number 13 on the Top Independent Chart. The album showcases the highest chart position and the most first-week  sales in the band’s history.

Mike Orlando

Mike Orlando is not only a founding member of Adrenaline Mob but a highly respected guitarist best known for his amazing technical style and awe-inspiring speed & command of the instrument. His approach to guitar embodies sheer passion, grace & fire all in one explosive element! Mike’s playing on AMOB’s Omerta & Coverta leave the listener at times in a state of amazement while he seemlessly shreds your face off in tracks like Hit The Wall then slows it down to some beautiful passages in All On The Line & Angel Sky. Then his whole blues side takes center stage on tracks like the Lemon Song & High Wire. Showing the many sides of his musical personality.

He has released two successful instrumental  guitar albums, Sonic Stomp and Sonic Stomp II and has enjoyed multiple tours & sold-out shows all over the world. Tracks from Sonic Stomp II are featured on the popular Rock Band video game.

A master of his instrument, the gear he plays on is hugely important to him.  Mike has been honored by some of his favorite  equipment companies with several signature models including the Mike Orlando signature Shredneck and the Rocktron Mike Orlando signature wah pedal. He also owns & runs his own recording studio titled Sonic Stomp Studio where he has tracked, mixed & mastered all his Sonic Stomp releases along w/tracking Adrenaline Mob’s debut album Omerta. Mike has also tracked, mixed & mastered Adrenaline Mob’s Coverta release as well as the upcoming new album Men Of Honor due out on Feb. 18, 2014 on Century Media Records.


AJ Pero is one monster of a drumming legend & we are proud to call him our new Adrenaline Mob brother! He brought an incredible feel & groove to the new Men Of Honor album along with unbelievable chops. After hearing him track the 1st song it was undeniable that he would become the bands new drummer. A true veteran of every stage out there, his contribution to The Mob will be epic.

Since the age of 4 he has pounding away on the kit, studying with such greats like Gene Krupa & also winning 3 gold medals at the Paris Jazz Festival for the best performance as a drummer at the age of 11!  Winning the honors over musicians more than twice his age!

AJ Pero has spent most of his career pounding away on the kit for the hugely successful rock band Twisted Sister. Since joining the iconic rock act he has toured the world over countless times, playing for millions of fans & selling over 20 million albums!! Still to this date remaining one of the biggest legacy rock acts around headlining festivals such as Graspop 2013, Rock USA, Sweden Rock, Download & countless others.

Erik Leonhardt

Erik Leonhardt holds down the thunderous low end for The Mob! He brings great stage presence, killer groove & alongside his AMOB rhythm section brother AJ Pero they give Adrenaline Mob that huge & powerful backbone the band is known for!

He is a touring veteran from the platinum selling rock act “Tantric”.